Problem using Freeradius with Oracle

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Sat Dec 15 23:41:20 CET 2007

Hi David,

David Wood wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> In message <47642AC8.7010403 at>, Mother 
> <mother at> writes
>> My setup is FreeBSD 6.2, with Freeradius 1.1.7 installed using Ports 
>> (I had to hack the configure so it would be built with Oracle, as 
>> there is no option in the Ports make, but I digress...).
> I maintain the FreeBSD net/freeradius port. I've not added support for 
> Oracle because nobody has asked for it and I have no way of testing it. 
> If you send me a diff for the port's Makefile, I'll include it in the port.

No problem, once I'm sure the method I'm following is stable, and write 
a mini-HOWTO, I will send you the diff. There are basically two places 
to tweak, one is the actual Makefile (to include Oracle in the menu), 
and the other is the configure script for rlm_sql_oracle, which seems to 
basically ignore --with-oracle-home-dir. I ended up hard-coding 
ORACLE_HOME in the configure script, and copying it just as make 
finished extracting everything from the tarball (feel free to flame me 
for being lazy!).

> This assumes that FreeRADIUS works with the Oracle support in FreeBSD 
> ports - if not, then you'll either have to sort out a fix to the Oracle 
> support in ports, or continue to hack away!

I have FreeRADIUS working perfectly against a remote Oracle server, 
using the instantclient and oracle8-client ports. The only 
difficulty is that there doesn't seem to be an .sql script included with 
FreeRADIUS to create the Oracle table structure, triggers, etc. so I had 
to rely on an old version I found. Using this, I was only missing one 
row from the radacct table, but otherwise I was all set.

The next hurdle is to figure out how to combine the Gigaword and octets 
in Oracle (thanks Alan, will dig through the docs) to make the 
accounting queries work - they do if I just leave the octets in.

Will keep you posted, best regards,


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