PEAP version 1 is supported in freeradius?

Raghavendra. S raghavendra.akkasali at
Wed Dec 19 08:40:03 CET 2007


 I want to setup freeradius server to test peap version 1. For that
configured  freeradius-server-snapshot-20071217, as below

 ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/radius-latest

and compiled to get radiusd.

Added following block in eap.conf,

 eap2 {

          peap {

          mschapv2 {

Also added following lines in users

jbibe User-Password := "whatever"
#jbibe Cleartext-Password := "whatever"

(Tried individually commenting one of the above lines at time)

I have following lines in clients.conf

clients {

At wpa supplicant said it is failing, and also it says that, server
peap version=0. and wpa peap version=1.

Whether I have to do something extra to enable peap version 1 in freeradius?


On 12/18/07, Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:
> Raghavendra. S wrote:
> >  Does latest snapshot release of freeradius supports PEAP versions 0
> > and 1 ? or only 0 is supported?
>  Peapv0.
>  Peapv1 *may* be supported in rlm_eap2, but it's up to you to configure
> and build it.  The module is experimental, and is NOT for production use.
>  See raddb/experimental.conf
>  Alan DeKok.
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