Configure Cisco Aironet 1130 with PEAP/Ms-Chap2

Rupert Finnigan rupert.finnigan at
Wed Dec 19 21:54:04 CET 2007


Might be talking rubbish, but think I can rememer my Cisco AP's
defaulting to ports 1645 and 1646 for auth and accounting, whereas
free-radius and radtest use 1812 and 1813. If I'm wrong please correct
me, but might be worth checking?


On 19/12/2007, Julian Stöver <julian_st at> wrote:
> Hi,
> after solving my problem with creating certificates i got another
> problem: I enabled MsCHAP in the Radius configuration and added the
> server as an radius authentication and accounting server and also
> enables aes-ccmp and wpa2 mendatory key. but if i want to login, i get
> the message "login faild" on the login prompt. and the radius server
> didn't get any requests...
> whats wrong in the configuration? radtest succes when i run it from my
> notebook from the same subnet, so it can't be the firewall...
> thanks for help and some hints ;)
> julian
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