I have some problem about dialup_admin , need help .

David Wood david at wood2.org.uk
Fri Dec 28 13:32:31 CET 2007

Hi there,

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>Dear Radius Team , Radius User
>I install freeradius in freebsd 6.2 install by port
>#cd /usr/ports/sysutils/freeradius
>#make install clean

I think you mean /usr/ports/net/freeradius - though that doesn't change 
anything. I am the maintainer of net/freeradius in FreeBSD.

>everything look fine , no error and can start to daemon..
>So I install dialup admin for management radius .

The port doesn't attempt to install dialup_admin at all - in fact, it 
completely ignores it. It is a set of scripts, really, but there is a 
fairly well defined FreeBSD way to install such items ready for use 
(see, for example, the phpMyAdmin port).

If there was any demand, I could produce a dialup_admin port, though I'm 
not sure I have any use for it. I'm heading towards putting my user 
database in LDAP.

>I have some problem when I want to select user information like error in this site
>How could I fix this problem ?

It looks as if the PHP scripts are being served rather than executed. As 
the README says, the scripts are PHP 4 despite having a php3 extension.

In httpd.conf (/usr/local/etc/apacheXX on FreeBSD, where XX is 22 on my 
machines as I have Apache 2.2 installed) look for the:

AddType application/x-httpd-php

line. Add .php3 to the end. Restart Apache; graceful will probably be 
OK, but a restart will definitely work.

Does it work now?

Is there any reason why the dialup_admin scripts can't be renamed as 
.php rather than .php3? They'd work 'out of the box' on more people's 
systems if this was done.

What is the current status of dialup_admin - does it work with PHP 5? 
PHP 4 is end of life, with development ceasing as of the end of this 

Best wishes,

David Wood
david at wood2.org.uk

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