Problem syncing radius.logs with radrelay

John Brittain john at
Thu Feb 1 19:43:45 CET 2007

Hello All!
FR Version: 1.1.3
OS Version: Fedora Core 5
cmd line for radrelay = /usr/bin/radrelay -n rad1_server -a
/var/log/radacct -d /etc/raddb detail.relay

We've recently switched to FreeRadius from Cistron, and we didn't have
this problem with Cistron.  So, I'm hoping someone can help.

We are running 2 servers with radrelay.  When a user gets authenticated
on server #1, it logs their "Login OK" in the radius.log file, but does
NOT log it on server #2  (and vise versa).  So I would like to know if
there's a way to have the log files on both servers sync up?  And why
did it work on Cistron and not with FreeRadius?

Thank in advance for any help.

--John Brittain <john at>

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