Problem syncing radius.logs with radrelay

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Feb 2 08:16:54 CET 2007

John Brittain wrote:
> We are running 2 servers with radrelay.  When a user gets authenticated
> on server #1, it logs their "Login OK" in the radius.log file, but does
> NOT log it on server #2  (and vise versa).  So I would like to know if
> there's a way to have the log files on both servers sync up?  And why
> did it work on Cistron and not with FreeRadius?

  radrelay copies accounting packets, not authentication packets.  In
FreeRADIUS, the "Login OK" message appears in radius.log ONLY when the
server sends an Access-Accept.

  In any case, the radius.log file is informative, not definitive.  If
you're using it for any purpose other than having admins occasionally
reading it, that's wrong.  You should be looking at the accounting logs
to see what the users are really doing.

  Alan DeKok.
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