The new spud, needs beginner advice, assistance and posibly service.

Peter Nixon listuser at
Fri Feb 2 16:42:40 CET 2007

On Fri 02 Feb 2007 16:44, Stephen Baker wrote:
> I have to set up a Freeradius server ASAP (in less then a week.)
> I have a basic install of Debian running (using the term loosely.) But
> then there is this ubuntu 6.10 install CD on my desk calling my name. As
> a total newbie to Linux what is the best OS flavor to use for
> Freeradius?

I would recommend opensuse 10.2 personally but I maintain the freeradius 
packages for SUSE and am obviously biased.

> Then what is the best path from empty hard drive to working Freeradius
> server? Is there a list of document for instance?

Install SUSE.

Then, go into:
yast2 / installations source / Add / Specify URL /

Then, go to:
yast2 / Software Management / Search / freeradius-server
-  Select "freeradius-server" and "freeradius-server-utils"

Then go to:
yast2 / System / System Services (Runlevel) / freeradius
- Press enable

Thats it... You will need to configure freeradius to do what you want, but it 
is at this point "working" with the default config.

> Can someone provide a pre-built image of a server that I  could have up
> and running in 20 minutes?

Yes. But it would take longer than to just follow my instructions above.

> Is there a person how can configure the server for me, say over the
> weekend?

Sure. Whats your budget and requirements? Contact me off list if you are 



Peter Nixon
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