Proxy based on MAC

King, Michael MKing at
Sat Feb 3 00:11:35 CET 2007

I'd like to proxy user's off to a different RADIUS server based on
they're MAC address.

Currently, my NAS reports MAC address as  Calling-Station-Id =

I'd like any user that has a MAC starting with 00-0D-93 (and about 8
more MAC's) to be proxied off to another Radius server.

I've come up with a RegEX that matches Mac addresses.  (Least I think
it's close)

Correct me, cause I know I'm gonna get this wrong.  (First real try with
Regex) (I'm using 3 separart MAC's here)

DEFAULT Calling-Station-Id =~

But where does this go, and what else do I have to configure?

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