FreeRadius + OpenLDAP (SMD5) + Windows XP

Romain Mercier romain.mercier at
Fri Feb 9 14:28:34 CET 2007

>Phil Mayers wrote:
>You'd still need to install something on the clients. SecureW2 will to 
>TTLS with PAP inside the tunnel, which would work.

I installed SecureW2 and try PAP, but didn't understand that I need TTLS
module with PAP. I will try this. Thanks

>If your constraint is "no client software", you need the plaintext, 
>NT/LM passwords or samba+ntlm_auth
>If you install SecureW2 and use TTLS+PAP you can check your passwords 
>against ANYTHING because PAP supplies the username/password to the 
>radius server and obviously it can do any kind of hashing or callout 
>with it.
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