VLAN assigment and Alcatel Omniswitch 7800

Marcel.De_Boer at alcatel-lucent.be Marcel.De_Boer at alcatel-lucent.be
Wed Feb 14 11:34:58 CET 2007

Hi Oxiel!
> I've added the Alcatel-Auth-Group attribute to dictionary.alcatel like these:
> ATTRIBUTE       Alcatel-Auth-Group                      134     integer
> and modified users file like these:
> Tunnel-Type += 13,
> Tunnel-Medium-Type += 6,
> Alcatel-Auth-Group += 3

I'm afraid you added it in the wrong place, dictionary.alcatel does not 
contain the VSAs for Omniswitches (Alcatel-Lucent has multiple 
dictionaries for different products, dictionary.alcatel appears to be 
for a BRAS, not for an enterprise switch).
The dictionary you're looking for is dictionary.xylan; the easiest way 
is to use Xylan-Auth-Group for sending your VLAN (The name isn't really 
that important, what is important is that the number for the attribute 
is correct (1 in this case) and that it is defined with the proper 
vendor number (800 for Omniswitches)).


(The disclaimer again, just to prevent trouble)
This mail does not represent Alcatel-Lucent in any way. Everything I 
have written in this mail is either my opinion or information I 
interpreted from publically available documents (I found the manuals 
through Google on a server that, judging from its name, is open for 
public access). I don't work in a department that has anything to do 
with Omniswitches and have not used them myself. Because of that, this 
information may be inaccurate or even plain wrong, Alcatel-Lucent is not 
responsible for the accuracy of this information. I'm just trying to be 
helpful here based on what I know.

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