VLAN assigment and Alcatel Omniswitch 7800

Oxiel Contreras oxielc at yahoo.it
Thu Feb 15 03:08:57 CET 2007

Hello Marcel.

> I'm afraid you added it in the wrong place, dictionary.alcatel does not
> contain the VSAs for Omniswitches (Alcatel-Lucent has multiple
> dictionaries for different products, dictionary.alcatel appears to be
> for a BRAS, not for an enterprise switch).
> The dictionary you're looking for is dictionary.xylan; the easiest way
> is to use Xylan-Auth-Group for sending your VLAN (The name isn't really
> that important, what is important is that the number for the attribute
> is correct (1 in this case) and that it is defined with the proper
> vendor number (800 for Omniswitches)).

Right, indeed used Xylan-Auth-Group and worked perfectly, i'm so happy a tear 
fell down :)

Many thanks.


Chiacchiera con i tuoi amici in tempo reale! 

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