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Kevin Bonner keb at
Tue Feb 20 17:01:44 CET 2007

On Tuesday 20 February 2007 03:10, Tomas Hoger wrote:
> > Freshly added to the Wiki FAQ as this has been covered countless times on
> > the users list.
> Kevin, it may be better to add a bit more info to wiki, since combining
> SysV and BSD flags of ps is usually not permitted and -H flag is not
> recognized by older versions of ps.
> What about this:
> For older versions of ps, use:
>   - ps -efm
>   - ps auxm
> For newer versions of ps, you may prefer to use:
>   - ps -efL
>   - ps auxH
> th.

Sounds fine with me.  As it is a wiki, feel free to register an account and 
make that change.  I only included the ps versions I had available at the 

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