Problem with PEAP authentication

jonr at jonr at
Tue Feb 20 19:05:58 CET 2007


I have a strange problem. I have about 65 users using wpa+PEAP+FreeRadius with
Linksys WAP4400n APs. I have 3 buildings with 19 AP's per building using POE and
wired back to a switch and each switch in each building uses an ethernet cable
to tie into the main switch connected to the server.

I have no
LDAP or mysql backend and am just using the users file. Here is one of my users
 in the users file that is having problems:

username Calling-Station-Id != "00-0F-B5-B5-35-2E", Auth-Type := Reject
username User-Password == "password"

Now this user sometimes connects successfully and sometimes he gets this error:

Mon Feb 19 17:06:42 2007 : Auth: Login incorrect: [username/<no User-Password
attribute>] (from client ShmAp-12 port 0 cli 00-0F-B5-B5-35-2E)

Mon Feb 19 17:07:44 2007 : Auth: Login OK: [username] (from client

Notice the timestamp, this is not the only user this happens to about 20 of
about 70 people on this setup. Please let me know what information I could
provide that would help isolate this problem. I have found a hotfix put out by
Microsoft, hotfix# 885453-x86 and it seems promising but I want to do some more
testing before I recommend it.

Thanks for any help or ideas,


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