MySQL authentication problem

Ian Truelsen ian.truelsen at
Thu Jan 4 01:43:53 CET 2007

On Tue, 2007-01-02 at 17:45 -0300, Hernan Antolini wrote:
> ian 
> "sql" goes in authorize section and accounting only; leave
> "preprocess", "auth_log", "suffix" and "sql" uncommented there to
> start. 
> what about your "ian" entry in your users file ?...and delete that
> strange entry in your radcheck (id 1). 
Okay, here is where I am unclear on the concept: If I need an entry in
the users file, as well as radcheck database, then why am I using MySQL
at all? I envisioned the sql authorization as negating the need to hard
code a file on the system, but if I need both, then I don't really need
MySQL. Would the sql database not make the users file unnecessary?

The first entry in the radcheck table is me forgetting to add the null
as the first collumn.
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