modify sql table structure for additional logging

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Would be interested in a copy of that perl script to see if I could utilise


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On Wed 20 Dec 2006 05:05, Cory Robson wrote:
> Is it possible to modify the existing radacct table with some extra fields
> for logging.
> My upstream also sends Attr-151 X-Ascend-Session-Svr-Key which I would
> also like logged (its used for terminating a user if need be).

I have added X-Ascend-Session-Svr-Key to the radacct table (for Postgresql) 
to allow Packet of Disconnects and committed to cvs. I have been using this 
in production for ages along with a perl script to kill online users with 
Packet Of Disconnect. I will try to get around to cleaning up the perl code 
and committing it also in the near future.

> I could use 
> it in the unique session server key field instead of the calculated one
> but would need a step by step on how to go about that.

Nope. Bad idea.

> Alternatively as stated above if I could add additional fields then I
> would also like to log the Ascend-Xmit-Rate & Ascend-data-rate into my
> database as well as the Ascend-Session-Server-Key. But I don't want to
> stuff up function ability with Dialup Admin.

Feel free to add this yourself.


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