building 1.4 (CentOS 4.4) MYSQL

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Jan 14 18:25:09 CET 2007

Andrew Long wrote:
> I have the server running and can now authenticate remotely and
> records are correctly added to radacct. Part of our setup requires the
> rlm_sqlcounter module. I inserted the $INCLUDE line and the output
> tells me it is loading. However, I read in rlm_sqlcounter doc that you
> must ./configure --with-experimental-modules. I did not do this.
> Is it necessary to re-compile? (I DO see our daypasscounter queries
> loading, with the session-timout we need, being run in the debug).

  If it works, it works.

> Will I be able to test it via ntradping assuming I create entries for
> a test group in usergroup/radgroupreply (I need to see the full reply
> with all sent strings).

  If ntradping sends access-request and accounting-request packets.

> BTW- I am a bit fuzzy on rlm_sql_log. As I am getting accounting without
> it, can someone briefly elaborate on it's function. IE, if accounting
> works in sql without it, what other function does it provide? (Yes, I
> read the doc and am still fuzzy).

  It decouples the RADIUS server from your SQL server.  Think of your
car.  If the axle was welded to the frame, you would feel it as you
drove over every pebble.  The shocks decouple the axle from the rest of
the car, so you can drive over potholes at speed, and only feel small bumps.

  Alan DeKok.
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