building 1.4 (CentOS 4.4) MYSQL

Andrew Long along at
Sun Jan 14 21:28:18 CET 2007

>   It decouples the RADIUS server from your SQL server.  Think of your
> car.  If the axle was welded to the frame, you would feel it as you
> drove over every pebble.  The shocks decouple the axle from the rest of
> the car, so you can drive over potholes at speed, and only feel small bumps.

Nice... Now I must read a Chilton's guide to understand the analogy!

Seriously... on to the tables...
The schema has changed since 0.9.3. Where radgroupreply contained a
"prio" (priority) field (int(10)) default '0', 1.4 now moves it to
usergroup "priority" (int(11)) with default '1'. We used all defaults
and am wondering if I'm overlooking any details (from the Colubris'
point of view) in migrating to the new schema.

There are a couple cases where I want to assign a user to 2 groups,
picking up reply items from each. Should I leave the default
priorities or cascade them (1,2), using op := (I think).


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