Freeradius(.net) and Oracle

Brian Atkins batkins at
Mon Jan 22 22:19:13 CET 2007

I am working on setting up a wireless hotspot using Chillispot on 
DD-WRT. I have installed Freeradius on a W2K server that runs an Oracle 

After reading the documentation and various howtos, I wanted to see if 
someone could offer some pointers on authenticating to Oracle using a 
pre-existing database and not the db/tables built from the sql file in 
the example docs. For example: I have a list of users listed in the 
database as 'barcode' (20 Char) and the password is stored in plain text 
as 'pin' (4 Char).

I don't care about updating or creating users through Freeradius nor do 
I care about accounting (simultaneous connections).

The defaults in the oraclesql.conf are:

authorize_check_query = "SELECT id,UserName,Attribute,Value,op FROM \ 	
	${authcheck_table} WHERE Username = '%{SQL-User-Name}' ORDER \
	BY id"
authorize_reply_query = "SELECT id,UserName,Attribute,Value,op FROM \
	${authreply_table} WHERE Username = '%{SQL-User-Name}' ORDER \
	BY id"
Which I assumed might be able to be trimmed down to:

authorize_check_query = "SELECT barcode,pin FROM ${authcheck_table} \ 	
	WHERE barcode = '%{SQL-User-Name}'"

Am I incorrect in this assumption?



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