SEVERE! radiusd 2.0 and 1.1.4 dying! Segmentation fault

Guilherme Franco guilhermefranco at
Sun Jan 28 01:45:01 CET 2007

Thanks Mr. Mayers,

The database is Oracle on a powerful machine which only do acct/ auth.
All the relevant auth/ accounting queries are indexed to speed things

There's a PostgreSQL database to take care of the sqlippool module.

The strange thing is that even when the accounting is off (with low
load then) the error appears randomly.

Also, if the proxy realm dies the problem occurs too.

That segfault was captured by running "radiusd -xxx", which pinpoints
to an Oracle OCI error in this case (with acct on).

I can't give you a gdb because the server is running fine now, but who
knows when it may happen...

That setup was running fine for almost 3 months. All indicates a
resource starving problem, but the load is low :(

Thank you very much.

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