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Abdul Qadir ablqadir at
Wed Oct 3 11:16:50 CEST 2007


    I am using freeradius with SER. In simple words i want to proxy radius based on user id instead of realm. Also want to add some extra functionality before I do the proxy.  My requirements are as follows

I have two different types of users. Some users have numeric user id and some have Alphanumeric. E.g 
123456 at 
abdefghijk at

I would like to configure my radius server as

1. If user id is numeric. i.e 123456 at
    Query local database for authentication.

2. If user id is alphanumeric i.e abdefghijk at
    2.1 First Query local database to get new realm value for this user id. eg. database query will return me abdefghijk at
    2.3 Proxy the new URI to another radius.

Please suggest whether its possible to do so, if yes what is the procedure. And which version of FreeRadius support this kind of functionality.

Thanking you in advance.

Best Regards,
Abdul Qadir
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