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Wed Oct 3 16:08:05 CEST 2007

Use Proxy-To-Realm := "somerealm" for those users you want
authenticated elsewhere.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

Dana 3/10/2007, "Abdul Qadir" <ablqadir at> piše:

>    I am using freeradius with SER. In simple words i want to proxy radius based on user id instead of realm. Also want to add some extra functionality before I do the proxy.  My requirements are as follows
>I have two different types of users. Some users have numeric user id and some have Alphanumeric. E.g
>123456 at
>abdefghijk at
>I would like to configure my radius server as
>1. If user id is numeric. i.e 123456 at
>    Query local database for authentication.
>2. If user id is alphanumeric i.e abdefghijk at
>    2.1 First Query local database to get new realm value for this user id. eg. database query will return me abdefghijk at
>    2.3 Proxy the new URI to another radius.
>Please suggest whether its possible to do so, if yes what is the procedure. And which version of FreeRadius support this kind of functionality.
>Thanking you in advance.
>Best Regards,
>Abdul Qadir
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