Accounting on request from GGSN after 5sec.

Mal ume2tsu at
Thu Oct 4 10:54:41 CEST 2007

Dear all,

I'm using the freeradius(freeradius-1.1.0-19
) on mobile network.
GGSN contacts the radius server like below.

1.GGSN---Accounting Off request--->Radius
2.GGSN<--Accounting Off response---Radius
3.GGSN---Accounting On request--->Radius
After 5 sec,
4.GGSN---Accounting On request--->Radius
5.GGSN<--Accounting On response---Radius

I don't know why GGSN tries to send the Accounting On
request "twice".It is always after 5sec.
I checked the ethereal log on Radius,Radius is responding
correctly to GGSN.But,GGSN is not receiving the response
on the first try.

Excuse me but,please give me the advice asap.

G            w---------Radius
N            c      

I tried to use the one link between GGSN and Switch,but it
looks same.

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