EAP/TTLS problem with Win XP and Linux

tnt at kalik.co.yu tnt at kalik.co.yu
Thu Oct 4 16:17:02 CEST 2007

>one question,  i should use openssl to generate the certificats?

You can also use scripts provided with the distribution (certs.sh and

>I have difficulty in understanding the implementation of EAP / TTLS with Windows XP?

Not difficult at all - there isn't one. You have to download SecureW2,
install and configure it. Then select the connection on which you want
to implement this, Properties, Authentication, tick 802.1x box and
select SecureW2 for the EAP type from the list.

>In the case of EAP / TTLS PAP I need only the server certificate. and the client used his password and login  to authenticate?


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