EAP/TTLS problem with Win XP and Linux

elhammoud rachida racha81 at hotmail.fr
Thu Oct 4 12:28:03 CEST 2007

> > hello,
> > i'am trying to use radius authenticate and authorise users by EAP/TTLS
> > from XP and Linux ( Debian), i'am using only a « users » like database.
> > i'am reading the documentation : http://wiki.freeradius.org
> > i've imported root.pem both Windows XP and Linux
> > the server no sends response, why??
>   You are not reading the debug log correctly.  The server IS sending a
>challenge.  The NAS (or supplicant) then does not continue with the next
>EAP packet.
yes it's exactly,
>   Odds are you don't have the root certificates configured correctly.
I'am using openssl-0.9.7 to generate the certificats, and i'am importing 
root.pem to Linux
> > and this log by Windows XP
>   The same thing.
>   It's a certificate problem.  The supplicants have decided that they
>don't like the servers certificate.  They then stop doing EAP.
can'i use the certificats existing in the freeradius-1.1.7 ? it's 
>   Look at the logs on the supplicant to see why they're stopping EAP.
by linux, I put this
wireshark -i eth0
but any response
by  windows, I'va this
Request, Identity
Response, NAK (response only)
Request, EAP-TTLS
Client Hello
Request, EAP-TTLS
Response, EAP-TTLS
Server Hello, Certificate, Server Hello Done
Continuation Data

>   Alan DeKok.
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