IPv6 deployment "howto"

Matthias Cramer matthias.cramer at interway.ch
Tue Oct 9 20:48:44 CEST 2007

Hi Mark

Mark J Elkins wrote:
> Matthias Cramer wrote:
>>>> What magic lines would I need to add to my Cisco and what magic to add
>>>> to FreeRadius?
>>>> Anyone have Dialup clients being issued IPv6 addresses yet?
>>>> 1 - I expect to add some sort of IPv6 field to MySQL (ie - for a static
>>>> IPv6 address or to signify the NAS to use a Dynamic address)
>>>> 2 - I expect the "authorize_check_query" and other SQL queries to change
>>>> a bit... ie return IPv6 data - without breaking IPv4 only NAS's
>>>> 3 - I expect to add an IPv6 pool and other lines of magic to my Cisco.
>>>   There's Framed-IPv6-prefix, where you can assign Ip's to a client.
>> I do it with:
>> cisco-avpair = "ipv6:route#1=2001:dead:beef::/64"
>> I do not use dynamic allocation.
>> Cheers
>>   Matthias
> Can I ask why? (why no dynamic). I don't even know if there is a way to
> do this....

Because all the people i serve IPv6 this way are ADSL Customers, who are
allways online anyway, and like to be able to run a webserver or such.

> Why a /64 - and not /60 or /56 ?? (not even sure if thats possible)

I do /64 and /48, but any sensible subnet is possible in my oppinion.

> Sorry about the questions - but very few people seem to be providing any
> sort of IPv6 access to dialup clients....
> Some more..
> Do you use FreeRadius 2.0 or something older.

No, i unse 1.1.3 because this is the last version which seams not to
have the sighup bug.

> In order to support IPv6 - what new fields did you add to your backend
> (database).

I use a traditional "users" file ....

> Did you add any new "cisco-avpair" parts apart from an IPv6 Route ...


> which kind of seems strange to me - should you not have added a Prefix
> (ipv6:prefix#1) instead ? .. which adds an entry to the RIB table anyway?
> What did you have to add to the Cisco for user access?

interface Virtual-Template1
 mtu 1492
 ip unnumbered Loopback0
 no ip redirects
 no ip proxy-arp
 ip tcp adjust-mss 1452
 ipv6 enable
 qos pre-classify
 peer default ip address pool ADSLPool1
 ppp mtu adaptive
 ppp authentication chap pap callin ADSL
 ppp authorization ADSL

> Are many (any?) people using IPv6?

Not that many .. we have abut 5-10 Customers using IPv6

> What did they have to do on their end to get an address?

Have a IPv6 Capable router... Which is a Cisco, Linux, *BSD Router.
Probably it will also work with MacOSX or Vista doing PPP or PPPoE
depending on what service you provice.

> I promise that I'll one day update the wiki with this sort of info..

That sounds nice.

Best regards and greetings to South Africa


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