Problem with LDAP and Groups

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>> If I change the fall through to yes it still matches as many groups as the user is in. How can I tell freeradius which attributes to send back?
> If you want to send sets of attributes according to the NAS user is
> trying to log into use huntgroups.
>> For example, bevege is a member of the following groups, packetshapper, cisco_priv_15, cisco_priv_1, linux. 
> Your group allocation is wrong. You can't have the same user(name) on
> the same device having priv levels 1 and 15. Pick one. Or have him log
> in as username at 1 and username at 15 and use realms to allocate correct set
> of attributes.
> Ivan Kalik
> Kalik Informatika ISP
Could you please explain a bit more. From what I understand you cannot 
use Huntgroups to lookup what group a user is in. I only uses /etc/group 
/etc/password. What I would like to do is this. User bevege logs in from 
Cisco router. Have the users file somehow detect that the request has 
come from a cisco router (by IP I would guess) then validate that the 
user is in the correct group and then pass back the specific attributes 
just for the cisco. Same thing for packetshapper etc.



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