Newbie Question o.O

Bernd s4ndm4n at
Wed Oct 24 10:50:28 CEST 2007


I'm trying to set up a WLAN (5 APs) with a RADIUS Server (SuSe 10.2). RADIUS
should authenticate the MAC Adresses of the WLAN Users to grant them access
to the network. There are often new computers, which should get access to
the Network immediately and without installing anything.
RADIUS is running (APs in clients.conf listed, but not yet any further
settings made), APs are set up and I can roam in my network all over the
office. I use WPA2 PSK at the moment to cipher the WLAN. I have a MySQL
Database to enter user information. 

I just found some options with Certificates/PWs to authenticate users. 
Can I authenticate them just with their MAC? Where do I specify it in my

It's my first RADIUS Project and I don't think I'm a "Stephen Hawking" in
RADIUS configuration... ;) 

Anyway...I'm thankful for every help I get.

Thanks in advance


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