Access-Reject in a php script

Patric patrict at
Fri Oct 26 11:35:56 CEST 2007

Alan DeKok wrote:
>   There is no need to change the code.
>   If your script exits with a non-zero exit code, then the
> authentication fails.  If this isn't happening, then something else is
> going on, or you're not doing what you're saying you're doing.
>   Rather than discuss what you think you're doing, post the debug
> output.  This is in the FAQ, README, and INSTALL.  The debug output WILL
> tell you what's going on.
>   There is no extra magic we have in reading the debug output.  But we
>   Alan DeKok.

I am sure that Alan is correct here, otherwise many other users would 
have the same problem. With such a large user base, there *must* be 
other people using php authentication scripts, yet so far only 2 of us 
have battled?!

Something just occurred to me that I dont think I tried before.
What happens if instead of doing an


you do a


This way your script will still exit clean, so freeradius wont pick it 
up as a script failure, but hopefully will still get the result?


Q: I want to be a sysadmin.  What should I do?

A: Seek professional help.

Finally - A spam blocker that actually works.

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