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Hi Nick,

Thank you for the response. There is no firewall in between the RADIUS server and Solaris server (RADIUS client), only an Cisco router with standard ACL. I have verified the ACL matches counter and found that the request from the clinet itself is not reachign the router.
Is that host entries in /etc/hosts file wont work for this, do I need a DNS server for RADIUS server name authentication to work with pam_radius_auth.

The server in question is not configured for any DNS server for name resolution, it uses the hosts file only.
Hope this provides more information.


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On 10/30/07, Sobanbabu Bakthavathsalu <Sobanbabu_B at> wrote:
> Hi
> I am trying install the PAM_RADIUS_AUTH on a Solaris 10 server to use RADIUS for user authentication.
> I have managed to successfully compile and install the pam plugin.
> When I tried to telnet to the machine from a different server I am getting the following error.
> Failed looking up IP address for RADIUS server radius1 (errcode=12)
> I have made a host entry for this server name in /etc/hosts file and able to ping the RADIUS server with name.
> But still its not working.
> Could you please help on resolving this.
Lots of times this is a firewall issue where the port opening is set
for tcp and not UDP.  check that.  Check that both are using port
1812, if that is what you are using.  Have you edited your telnet pam
entry?  I'm not familiar with solaris, but that is what I would check.

More info would be helpful too.



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