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Rana Dhekial dhekial at
Sat Aug 9 01:11:37 CEST 2008

Hi, I use different type of VoIP GWYs and SIP servers ( like Cisco, Asterisk, OpenSER ) in our VoIP network. They are writing detail accounting info to the freeradius server fine. But I am having some issues writing the accounting info to backend database like MySQL. For example the radius accounting attributes of Cisco is different from Asterisk or OpenSER. So the idea is to create multiple tables in the database where Freeradius is writing and store Cisco's accounting info to say radacct_1, Asterisk's to radacct_2, OpenSER's to radacct_3 tables. How do I assign a specific NAS like Cisco to use say sql_1.conf, Asterisk to use sql_2.conf and OpenSER to use sql_3.conf.  Or if there is any other way to solve this.. thanks in advance   

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