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Mon Aug 11 13:45:50 CEST 2008

Hi Maxim, Alan and all,

In message <489D587E.4080201 at>, Alan DeKok 
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>Maxim Sirenko wrote:
>> Why in freebsd ports freeradius with SNMP support uses ucd-snmp but not
>> net-snmp port?
>  Because the code in FreeRADIUS was written before net-snmp existed,
>and the code hasn't been updated.

I do read this list. However, when there's a FreeBSD problem, it can be 
worth checking the FreeBSD PRs as well. contains a full 
explanation of the current situation - though the title is somewhat 
cryptic, even if it was in English. Without UCD SNMP compatibility 
support in FreeBSD's Net SNMP port, the only option for FreeRADIUS built 
with SNMP support has to depend on UCD SNMP.

The now obsolete FreeRADIUS SNMP code isn't that great - it's not 64 bit 
clean and it relies on the obsolete SMUX protocol. The new 
implementation that will appear in 2.0.6 is much better.

>  See the latest version from git for new SNMP support.

Hopefully it won't be too long until 2.0.6 is released; when it is 
released I'll update the net/freeradius2 port for the new SNMP support. 
As soon as I get time, I'll retrieve the current version of FreeRADIUS 2 
from git, and get on with the necessary work in anticipation of 2.0.6 
being released.

Best wishes,

(FreeBSD net/freeradius and net/freeradius2 ports maintainer)
David Wood
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