Need help on Free Radius.

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Mon Aug 11 11:30:51 CEST 2008

Hi Alan,

Yes. I edited the users files and checked on local auth was successfully. But now I want to use the free radius for authenticating user on domain controller (AD on window server 2003) and it did not work. 
Could you please tell me how to configure free radius authentication for domain users.


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no name wrote:
> I did like you wrote on your website but this problem still happened.

  The problem occurs only if you don't follow the instructions.

> And I did not see how you work with users file. (because i found
> building free radius by 4 files: eap, radiusd.conf, users, clients)
> Would you like tell me how to configure the users file and anything if i
> missed in the configuration?

  The instructions say to put the test entry that forces Auth-Type :=
ntlm_auth at the TOP of the "users" file.  The only way to get the
messages you saw is:

  a) You didn't edit the "users" file.
  b) You put the entry at the BOTTOM of the "users" file.

  Alan DeKok.

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