Help needed for radrelay under 1.1.3

Ryan majereryan at
Tue Aug 12 17:32:25 CEST 2008

Hi All,

Need some help on radrelay for 1.1.3 if possible. I have a radius
setup whereby there are two radius, one for
authorization/authentication and one for accounting. The one doing
authorization/authentication will relay the accounting detail using
radrelay to the other radius which will update to sql.

Currently I'm having some problem with the relaying, it does not seems
to be working as the detail file which is suppose to be cleared as
entries are relayed is getting filled up. I noticed that the radrelay
process is not forking the file at all.

Have tried running radrelay in debug mode but was not able to find any
error other than the following
rad_verify: Received Accounting-Response packet from client port 1813 with invalid signature (err=2)!  (Shared
secret is incorrect.)

Both radius are running 1.1.3.

The error is rather strange as I'm sure that the shared secret is correct.

Best Regards,

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