Trivial patch for rlm_acctlog in 2.0.5

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Aug 13 11:24:44 CEST 2008

Kostas Zorbadelos wrote:
> As we are preparing for migration to 2.X version in some of our production 
> systems, I took a closer look at the sources and found the rlm_acctlog module 
> that allows for the logging of various types of accounting messages in the 
> radius logs. Moreover I saw that syslog support in 2.X is vastly improved 
> over 1.X series.

  See also rlm_linelog in the current source (, and
raddb/modules/linelog.  It is a fully configurable module that logs one
line of text to a file, based on dynamically expanded keys.

> My minor request is, could you include the following patch in later releases 
> (so as to not maintain it internally)?


  Alan DeKok.

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