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Well, that's why I am saying we used the nas simulation tool.  We can hammer a lot of traffic with this multi-threaded tool and also we tried at least three client boxes so don't assume our traffic was not enough.

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Re: performance report? It is not likely your actually putting too much strain on the server side. You’ll need quite a lot of machines hammering the RADIUS server before it’ll break into a sweat. The client side would have higher CPU utilization then the server side, per request.

Comparing one program to another is not exactly comparing apples with apples. It’s more like comparing a duck with a fork lift. One flies, the other just doesn’t (or rather, when it does, you don’t want to be there to see it) ...


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Does anybody know the performance on Sun T-1000?
Just noticed that radius cannot reach more than 20% CPU time when we ran a heavy traffic with nas simulations.  We have tested some other programs and could reach even more than 90% so just curious anybody experienced the similar result.

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