EAP-TNC supported?

Martin Schneider martincschneider at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 21 14:39:48 CEST 2008

Hi Ingo and others

>> Does anybody know about a patch or something for FreeRadius that adds
>> more stable EAP-TNC processing? I heard about a patch from FH Hannover
>> (http://tnc.inform.fh-hannover.de/wiki/index.php/Main_Page) but I
>> don't know how good this one works. Did maybe anybody of you guys play
>> with that patch?
> Yes, it is very experimental. We have done some refactoring the last
> weeks but the new version of the EAP-TNC-Patch is currently not in the
> FreeRADIUS sources. You can download it from
> http://tnc.inform.fh-hannover.de. We will modify some further aspects
> soon (such as removing the dynamic loading of NAA-TNCS.so at runtime).

Great! Thanks for that hint. I'll have a look at this soon. So you'll
want to integrate the TNC Server directly into the EAP Module, or to
be more precise, you'll add a "TNC Type Module" to the EAP module?

> You can do EAP-TNC inside EAP-TTLS without modifying the source. I
> tested it with the latest development version of wpa_supplicant. But you
> will have to modify the source if you want to to EAP-TNC inside EAP-TTLS
> _after_ another EAP-method (such as MD5).

That's good news for me!

So basically, the "only thing I need to do" when I want to perfom
EAP-TNC is to create a IMC/IMV pair and integrate the IMC to
wpa_supplicant and the IMV to Free Radius?


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