Programatically provision users to server.

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So if I used a ready made captive portal solution, would my solution still

Captive Portal authenticates users (using FreeRadius?)
WLAN controller delivers an IP.

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> >Yes I do plan on using a RoR application to make the changes to the MySQL
> >database.
> >So I think this is coming together. However, the username and password...
> >where is the user responsible for using those credentials.
> >
> >Would a user connect to my WiFi network, then authenticate against the
> >RADIUS server using credentials obtained through a Ruby on Rails
> >application?
> >
> >Here's the workflow I am thinking to build this:
> >
> >1. User connects to WiFi network.
> >2. User is directed to a Ruby on Rails application.
> >3. Application authorizes user to connect, creates credentials
> >and propagates them to FreeRadius.
> >4. Application gives credentials to user.
> >5. User enters credentials (where?)
> >
> Oh, you are thinking of building a captive portal, not just something
> that will adminster users.
> >I need hotspot functionality so I am almost there in terms of everything I
> >need to build. Are these points rational?
> Probably not. How long do you think on spending on this? Months? Years?
> >Also, where are the credentials
> >entered in #5?
> If you are seriously thinking of making a captive portal (and not using
> ready made one) - you will have to make user interface too.
> >Wouldn't I just need to deliver an IP or something to that
> >machine at that point?
> >
> Oh no. There is so much more to it than that.
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