Need Help: 'Simultaneous-Use' don't work !!! =/ version 1.1.7 !

tnt at tnt at
Fri Dec 12 18:05:50 CET 2008

>My AP is a SMCWBR14T-G and i think the NAS is already well configured.

How sure are you? I would be fairly certain that it isn't.

>I'm really not understand the problem. =/

That's because you think that there is something wrong with freeradius.

>I read FAQ ( topic:
>"Simultaneous-Use doesn't work"
>and i done everything i it still don't work.

So, tell us how did you do this: "Verify that the NAS is sending
accounting packets. Without accounting packets, Simultaneous-Use will
NOT work. "

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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