freeradius not responding on machine specific IPs

kevin rat at
Sat Dec 13 07:22:40 CET 2008

Thanks Jason, but I might have been unclear.  Sorry about that.

I'm using fake data to send to the radius server.  I do not care if it
passes or fails.  I simply want the server to respond when I send a
message to x.x.3.199 (the network address of the machine) just as it
does when I send a request to the localhost address on the machine.

It does respond to localhost, it does not respond to the network
address.  That's where the problem lies, that I am trying to figure out.

Thanks again, though.

The network I am trying to authenticate is remote from the radius
server, so I cannot use localhost.  Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about
it...  Eventually, the remote location will be running covachilli or
something similar.  But for security (equipment) reasons, I cannot put a
server at that end, so must do authentication remotely, at this end.



On Fri, 2008-12-12 at 16:11 -0500, Jason Wittlin-Cohen wrote:
> Kevin, 
> The relevant line is:
> "> rad_verify: Received Access-Reject packet from client
> port 1812 with invalid signature (err=2)!  (Shared secret is
> incorrect.)"
> The shared secret to authenticate a client to the RADIUS server (for
> RADIUS, not EAP traffic) is either not set, or you're using the wrong
> secret. By default there is no shared secret set for localhost. Edit
> clients.conf, search for You'll find a line that looks
> like:
> ipaddr =
> Now, add this line beneath:
> secret = secret
> Restart freeradius and try again. The message should go away.
> Remember, you're still going to get an access-reject response unless
> you setup the user account and password your authenticating with in
> the "users" file.
> Jason
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