freeradius not responding on machine specific IPs

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Dec 13 08:45:10 CET 2008

kevin wrote:
> I'm using fake data to send to the radius server.  I do not care if it
> passes or fails.  I simply want the server to respond when I send a
> message to x.x.3.199 (the network address of the machine) just as it
> does when I send a request to the localhost address on the machine.

  It's not clear from your messages if you're running the server in
debugging mode for these tests.  If you are, the possible outcomes are:

  1) it doesn't receive the packet.  This usually means firewall issues.

  2) it receives the packet, and doesn't respond.  Debug output explains

  3) it receives the packet and responds, but the client doesn't see the
response.  This usually means firewall issues.

> It does respond to localhost, it does not respond to the network
> address.  That's where the problem lies, that I am trying to figure out.

  As always, READ the debug output.  From your messages it looks like
you are NOT looking at the debug output when you send requests from
outside of localhost.

  Alan DeKok.

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