Re: Is it possible to use FreeRADIUS as AAA in a Cellular Network?

Aldo Zavala aldo at
Mon Dec 15 06:36:54 CET 2008

Thanks Ranil Santhis and Luis Carlos Toledo for your reply, 

I have read in the PDSN GUI help that the interface for AAA must be a logic interface, then I looked in the PDSN configuration and I found two PI (logical) interfaces, here the part of PDSN config that I think is AAA related:
interface Piif3/0/0                      
 ip address  
interface Rpif3/0/0                      
 ip address  
a11 enable                                
pcf 256 skey 1234567891234567
construct domain huawei                  
domain enable                            
domain AAAclientsig 1                    
domain address-group huawei 0 0 50
domain dns huawei 0 bip
charge enable                            
weekday  6  1                            
weekday  5  0                            
weekday  4  0                            
weekday  3  0                            
weekday  2  0                            
weekday  1  0                            
weekday  0  1                            

- Can please tell me if this is what I need to co nfigure the PDSN with the FreeRADIUS?
- What should I start configuring in the FreeRADIUS side?
- Also, I was googling and didnt found what A11 is and why we need it here, can please tellme something about that?

Thanks again guys.

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