Need Help on Radius - accounting respond

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Dec 15 08:36:36 CET 2008

Do Nguyen Ha wrote:
> then FR should send accounting respond :
>     h323-credit-amount=customer balance at the time of authentication
>     h323-return-code=0(accept)/2(reject)
>     h323-billing-model=2
> but FR send:
> Sending Accounting-Response of id 192 to port 1645
> can the FR do that? if yes, where should i edit

  Yes, it can do that.  You can edit the "acct_users" file to add these

> if i want to send response to NAS i should add the attribute in the
> attrs.accounting-response :
>     h323-credit-amount=* ANY
>     h323-return-code=* ANY
>     h323-billing-model=* ANY


>     i read the man unlang times but cannot figure out how to use it
> could you give the example for specific case such as Access Reject/
> update the Access Reject/Accept

  Example of what?  The default configuration ships with a number of
examples.  See raddb/policy.conf for a few simple ones.

  Do you have *specific* questions about the "man unlang" documentation?

  Alan DeKok.

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