FreeRADIUS vs Aradial RADIUS

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Mon Dec 15 18:10:55 CET 2008

Hi Aldo,

Posting this type of question to a support mailing list will generally
result in some sort of all out war on why X and Y are different and why Y is
better than X to do the same thing.

A solution that involves radius will come with certain business model
decisions that need to be considered.  Along with most paid products from
vendor X there is a certain expectation of support to the consumer for
questions that can be found in the help files.  Vendor X knows that they
will need to house support staff to answer these questions and bury that
cost in the upfront cost of the yearly maintenance fee at %x per year.  You
will get many promises and guarantees that will give you recourse if the
solution does not meet your expectations or requirements (as long as it was
agreed that product X will do what you ask)

Products like FreeRadius are designed for companies and/or individuals that
know the specific needs and requirements of their business model and how
open source products fill that need.  Companies that implement this type of
solution will have individuals (usually) that have experience running open
source software solutions and the difficulties that presented.  Here too is
a cost to the company, but it is a softer cost as they will most likely not
need to hire a new administrator but leverage the existing skills present
within their organization (such as the individuals on this list).

The best course of action would be to determine your business needs from
product X, the level of comfort you are looking for from a vendor/oss
solution and a realistic determination of the in house skill at running
product X.  Once you have this criteria determined you can make an educated
business decision on product X and why you would choose a specific
vendor/producer of this product.  That vendor/producer will be able to
support you through the life cycle of the product and your satisfaction
level will be met.

Just my two cents...



Hello guys, I am a little bit scared how hard can be to deploy the
FreeRADIUS, I found this in the internet: ( this guys claim to
have a very convenient and professional AAA server with a convenient price,
does anybody here have experience with that "aradial radius server"? What
would be the Pros and Cons of purchase it instead of have the FreeRADIUS

Thanks again.

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