FreeRADIUS vs Aradial RADIUS

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Dec 15 21:03:36 CET 2008

Aldo Zavala wrote:
> Hello guys, I am a little bit scared how hard can be to deploy the FreeRADIUS, I found this in the internet: ( this guys claim to have a very convenient and professional AAA server with a convenient price, does anybody here have experience with that "aradial radius server"? What would be the Pros and Cons of purchase it instead of have the FreeRADIUS one?

  Don't ask us if we think Aradial is better than FreeRADIUS.  We
*know*.  FreeRADIUS is better.


  Perhaps you could describe your needs in a little more detail.  What
are you trying to do with a RADIUS server?  Why are you "scared" to
deploy FreeRADIUS?

  FreeRADIUS is used in nearly 100,000 organizations, from 10 users to
over 10 million users.  It's the most widely used RADIUS server in the
world.  Everyone *else* thinks FreeRADIUS is fine.

  And if Aradial has 1/10 the installations of FreeRADIUS, I'll be very

  Alan DeKok.

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