Larry Reeves lreeves at heartoftn.net
Wed Dec 17 03:03:58 CET 2008

I assume any change is done only in the "proxy.conf"

I tried to take the simple option and just setup the realm.
I edited these lines on both servers to my hostnames but it still fails to 

realm DEFAULT {
#     authhost        = radius.company.com:1600
       accthost        = radius.company.com:1601
       secret          = testing123

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> >The most noted is in the: "copy-acct-to-home-server" File.
>># You will have to configure realms, home_server_pool, and home_server in
>># for this to work.
>>Does this mean all 3 have to be setup in the proxy.conf file?
>>Is there a proxy.conf file with these setup as an example?
>>I have not found one.
> Have a look again. realm example.com in proxy.conf that comes with the
> server shows how to use server pool and how pool uses home server(s).
> Example uses auth_pool and you want to set up acct_pool.
> You can also set up the realm the "old-fashioned" way (authhost,
> accthost, secret) and not bother with pools.
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