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Fri Dec 19 13:18:32 CET 2008

I am trying to parse accounting logs of cablelabs format. Some of the
attributes are octet strings which in itself contain
detailed information that is printed as a octet string by freeradius.


        CableLabs-Event-Message = 0x484153482830783833326632306329

        CableLabs-Related-Call-Billing-Crl-ID +=


        CableLabs-Related-Call-Billing-Crl-ID +=


        Acct-Session-Id = "IK\215\303       20+000000\000\000\000?"

   ..... other avps' ...

With help of members on this list, I have been able to write a perl module
to parse these octet strings, but am not able
to log them in proper place.

I need to log all the standard attributes (typically logged in
.../Client-IP-Addr/detail-<date> file) as well as these extra
parsed attributes in one place. These are all in the accounting messages -
need to achieve a consolidated log for
accounting messages - does not matter in which file it is.

How to achieve that?

Do I need to make a code change - if so where?
Do I need to make a change to the config files - if so which?
Do I need to use a specific log mechanism in the perl module - if so what?

Any other input/guidance to help achieve that?

Thank You
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