no start of radiusd after reboot : mysql connection error

Jeffrey Hutzelman jhutz at
Thu Feb 7 18:49:42 CET 2008

--On Thursday, February 07, 2008 10:24:11 AM +0100 Alan DeKok 
<aland at> wrote:

> mailinglists wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I use freeradius-1.1.3-1.2.el5 and freeradius-mysql-1.1.3-1.2.el5. the
>> mysql database (mysql-server-5.0.22- is hosted on a remote host
>> (both centos5).
>> When I use /etc/init.d/radiusd as root it starts up correctly. But when
>> the service is launched at boot time, I get this error-log :
>   The server is configured with "user" and "group" in radiusd.conf, and
> that user/group does not have permission to talk to the MySQL server.

Close, but no cigar.  The OP wrote:

> Wed Feb  6 16:17:49 2008 : Error: rlm_sql_mysql: Mysql error 'Can't 
connect to MySQL server on '' (113)'

Errno 113 is EHOSTUNREACH.  Either there is no route to the MySQL server, 
or it locally-connected and not answering ARP's, or something is filtering 
the traffic.  Check your routing table and the filters on both machines and 
any network devices you might have between them.

-- Jeffrey T. Hutzelman (N3NHS) <jhutz+ at>
   Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh, PA

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