Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Feb 8 10:52:04 CET 2008

Keith Dovale - wrote:
> No not at all, and I don’t expect it. 

  It sounds like you did... hence the complaint about no answer.

> But at least someone like yourself, who seems to be the guru on freeradius, could at least reply

  So you did expect a reply...

> with a constructive answer rather than replying with sarcastic comments.

  Reality isn't sarcasm.

> My question is where did I announce I don’t read the documentation that is the first thing I went to.
> I have gone through the read me's, faq's etc and have followed their directions regarding this, it’s the debug that is giving the error. And responding with weird checks, that is exactly why I posted here as there is no google results / faqs, etc that answer my question.

  You posted an edited piece of the debug log.  If you knew how to
configure it and read the debug log, it would be appropriate to edit the
debug log.  Since you don't know how to configure it, your edits very
likely removed all information that could be used to help you.

  Hence the comments about reality.  If you want people to help you,
make it easy for them to help you.  Making it hard to help you, and then
complaining about the lack of free support is ... unproductive.

  Alan DeKok.

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