2 different authorization?

javkhlanbaatar at newcomsystems.mn javkhlanbaatar at newcomsystems.mn
Tue Feb 19 07:42:38 CET 2008


I know I asked this question.
I want to filter users depending on their status. I mean active users can
login (authenticate) to internet and rest are able to login but only to
the local (or certain) websites. If I add a field named Status in the
radcheck table and it only takes yes/no values.

Username Attribute Op Value *Status*

and I tried to insert in checkval section as follows:

checkval mac {
    item-name = Calling-Station-Id
    check-name = Calling-Station-Id
    data-type = string
checkval status {
    item-name = Status
    check-name = Status
    data-type = string

and in the authorize section:
authorize {

It doesn't get Status (there is not Status Attribute).
All I tried is if Status is yes then user authenticates and uses internet.
If Status is no, also user authenticates but unable to access internet
only for certain sites.

Also, I read templates.conf and proxy,conf. I think my answer is in there
but lack of my English, I cannot understand clearly.

2. I've tried also create 2 sql instances. But after that how the radius
differs the users according to their connection. I mean when user1
connects then it checked from sql1 instances etc.

But in the debugging mode, radius checks from both 2 instances. How can I
manage this?

Sorry for my English. Maybe I chose wrong words so you may misunderstand.

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