eap authentication and cpu utilization

Norbert Wegener norbert.wegener at siemens.com
Thu Feb 21 17:42:36 CET 2008

Alan DeKok schrieb:
> Norbert Wegener wrote:
>> Just for information:
>> I made some tests on different machines. Around 60% of the theoretical
>> maximum was the best value I got.
>> The behaviour was heavy influenced by the parameters in the "thread
>> pool" section and num_sql_socks, as I have a database backend.
>   Yes.  The interaction effects are strong.  If there are fewer SQL
> sockets than threads, then the threads will block waiting for an SQL
> socket to become ready.  At that point, performance drops significantly.
>   I would be curious to know how many PAP authentications/s you can do
> with that database back-end.  Knowing the 3 numbers will help scope
> interaction effects.
>   e.g. OpenSSL says: S   rsa/a
>   PAP says: P  requests/s
>   EAP testing says: E requests/s
>   You say E < S, but E << P, too...
Tuning all parameters in mysql/freeradius that I know of and that seemed 
to make sense, the maximum number of pap requests is about twice the 
number of rsa signatures.
The bottleneck here seems to be mysql. radius used about 20% of the cpu, 
mysql about 80%.

Norbert Wegener

>   Alan DeKok.
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